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#SMEMChat Topic 

for 7/20/18

Propose a Topic on Twitter using #smemchat tag

What is #SMEMChat?

Every Friday on Twitter, between 12:30p-1:30p Eastern Time, a number of folks get together on Twitter to talk about a variety of ways social media affects emergency management. And for 60 minutes, people add the hashtag #smemchat to their Tweets and a flurry of conversations happen. 

Minimally, people can watch how others communicate, network, spawn conversations and get to know each other. And, for maximum benefit, people talk, engage, chit-chat and use Twitter to communicate with each other. 

#SMEMChat is a great exercise. It teaches you how to use Twitter to build relationships, be present and engage with a community of supporters. Drop in, hang out for 60 minutes, and see what you can learn. 

You can watch Twitter here on this page even without having an account of your own. 

Refresh this page and see the conversation take place before your very eyes.

Wanna be a guest facilitator?

  • Tweet to #SMEMChat
  • Choose a topic or create your own
  • Come up with  3-4 questions to pose (usually one every 15 minutes)
  • Questions are usually posed with a Q#: at the beginning of each formal question. Respondents usually answer with A#: at the beginning of each answer.  
  • Even if you are replying, remember to include #smemchat in each tweet so everyone can see what you are saying. 

#SMEMChat Archives

2/26 and 3/2/18 #SMEMChat Archives =

2/16/18: Preventing Clutter on Hashtags. Archive =

2/2/18: Exercises. Archive =

1/26/18: Validating Sources / Fake News. Archive =

1/19/18: Hawaii Missile Threat WEA. Archive =

12/29/17: Reflection of Year. Archive =

12/22/17: Open Chat [Holiday Break]. Archive =

12/15/17: Use of holidays in #SMEM Campaigns. Archive =

12/8/17: Use of graphics and visual images online. Archive =

12/1/17: Myth or Fact Game about #SMEM. Archive =

11/24/17: Open Chat for Holiday Break. Archive =

11/17/17: Connecting Offline After Meeting Online. Archive =

11/10/17: Twitter's Move to 280 Characters. Archive =

11/3/17:  Collaboration Tools. Archive =

10/27/17: Kids & Social Media Safety. Archive =

10/20/17: Community Notification Systems. Archive =

10/13/17: Progress in #SMEM over the past 5 years. Archive =

10/6/17: Snapchat and its Impact on #SMEM. Archive =

9/29/17: Current Events Chat. Archive =

9/22/17: Situational Awareness in Social Media. Archive =

9/15/17: Virtual Assistance in Recovery. Archive =

9/8/17: Critical Incident Stress. Archive =

9/1/17: Hurricane Harvey SMEM Coordination. Archive =

8/25/17: Current Events Chat. Archive =

8/18/17: Civility in Public Discourse. Archive =

8/11/17: Solar Eclipse Messaging. Archive =

8/4/17: Open Chat. Archive =

7/28/17: Social Media Situational Awareness Tools (Guest Host Thanks to @allhazardsblog for hosting). 

7/21/17: Text Messaging and Messaging Apps. 

7/14/17: Reddit and Ask Me Anything (AMA)'s utility in #SMEM. Archive =

7/7/17: Protected Speech and Managing Trolls. Archive =

6/30/17: Digital Volunteerism. Archive =

6/23/17: Social Media & Elected Officials.  Archive =

6/16/17: Mapping & Geolocation. Archive =

6/9/17: Preparedness Campaigns. Archive =

6/2/17: Rumors, Misinformation and Fake News: How does someone find truth in emergency situations? Archive

5/26/17: Searching & Engaging with Non-Traditional Social Media Sources during crisis situation like Instagram and Snapchat. Archive =

5/19/17: Cyber Security. Being social and online, as an emergency manager, also means you need to be aware of the risks and safe in how you engage.  Archive = 

5/12/17 Net Neutrality and its impact on the #SMEM Community. Discussion covered how to spread conversation in niched environments. Archive =

5/5/17 Facebook announced they are hiring a lot of human monitors to eliminate violent videos from its site. Questions centered on the automation of searches and critical incident stress implications for human monitors and digital volunteers.  Archive =

4/28/17 Importance of #SMEMChat and future visioning for topics & discussions. Archive =

Check out a whole bunch of older chats thanks to the efforts of Lisa Matheson (@crisiswhisperer) on her Storify page at this link:

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